Auckland, New Zealand Wedding (Jo & Charles)

It all started several years ago when I was shooting Josh & Joanne's wedding in College Station, Texas, I met Josh's cousin Josephine. I remember when I first met Jo I picked up on her accent right away and asked her where she was from, she smiled and said "New Zealand." My immediate response was "I've always wanted to go/shoot a wedding in New Zealand, when you get married, hire me!" 

At the time I was halfway kidding and never image that she would be crazy enough to consider my half joking response. Apparently she was crazy enough and took me seriously enough to hire me. This is the third wedding I've had the great pleasure of documenting this amazing family and I am forever grateful. They are extremely gracious and kind for letting me tag along to capture their special occasions. They are organized and easy to work with and some of the most amazing people you will encounter. 

Jo and Charles, thank you again for letting me befriend y'all and capture such a special moment. Please find some highlights below of your special day. I can't wait to share more with you both. 

My best,